Why Petrobridge?

A Consultative Approach

Recruiting through PETROBRIDGE Consulting typically begins with meeting one of our professional recruitment consultants. This meeting helps the consultant understand the priorities for a new employee including the desired skills and areas of expertise, the organization and cultural context for the role, as well as the package on offer.

Unique Filtration/Screening

We Understand your Need for the quality manpower and the Need for Stringent Filtration of the Database to Match to the Client Requirement Perfectly The personal touch Regardless of the chosen interview style, our approach also includes a thorough review and evaluation of the candidate's resume, references, past experience, social interaction, and yes, personal judgement or gut feel - which plays an important aspect in any selection process. Traditionally the others in the Industry just pass the resume/CV to Clients without screening the candidate, We at PETROBRIDGE value your time & efforts & hence do a thorough screening before the CV/Resume are sent to Client for further processing.

We take a long term perspective.

Our consultants are not paid on commission, which is unique in our industry. Instead, as salaried professionals, Our consultants take a longer-term focus in working collaboratively with clients to ensure only high quality candidates that meet their requirements are put forward & to Provide Best Quality Services to Clients. Hence a Mutually Beneficial Relationship that helps Grow both the stakeholders .

We are different

Most people would assume that recruitment consultancies offer much the same service. They couldn't be more wrong. PETROBRIDGE Consulting operates differently , Whether the Difference is in Attitude, Approach, Culture , Process, People, Relationships, Integrity, And Offcoursce Results. As a Client it will Benefit you to Create a Benchmark in your Industry.We at PETROBRIDGE consider that both High Quality Manpower & established procedures are required to accomplish the Project goals. Without the quality manpower even the world class procedures, systems, processes doesn’twork. We understand this need and will fulfill the requirements. PETROBRIDGE team consists of the experienced Professionals who carefully filter the right candidate based on Client requirements.

Registered Office:

  • 4/5, Global Complex, Umar Colony, Azadpur road, Gulbarga(Kalaburagi)-585104.KA. India.
  • contact@petrobridgeservices.com
  • +91 8472 658658

Corporate Office and Training Centre:

  • Office No 5, 1st Floor, Crystal Plaza, Near S.V.P Circle, Court Road, Gulbarga(Kalaburagi)-585102 KA. India.
  • contact@petrobridgeservices.com
  • +91 9880882783