Corporate & Social Responsibility

Petrobridge is committed to doing business in an ethical manner. For us ethics transcends our company boundaries to our neighborhood, We have sense of belonging with communities where our services have suited and plans to have active participation in their welfare.

We are good neighbor. Social commitment is anchored in our business philosophy and is reflected in our everyday actions. We make a positive contribution to community development and are engaged in social activities such as promoting education, hygiene, preventive healthcare, eradicating hunger, poverty & malnutrition, making available safe drinking water , environment sustainability, ecological balance & conservation of natural resources etc.

We are creating assets in their priority areas with our CSR initiatives to meet their daily needs. Improving educational facilities and employability’s has been another initiative that integrates the communities and aligns with our business operations.

Corporate Social Responsibility, no matter how well intentioned, runs the risk of diffusion of trying to run too many programmes, do too many things, too soon. We have therefore narrowed our focus to a single theme; Building Social Infrastructure& develop the talents to reach their potential.

At Petrobridge, we believe it is imperative that a company’s social responsibilities transit from lofty thought, emotional prose and slick presentations to tangible action with measurable benefits. The well being of the less privileged of our country is far too important to be lost in translation of plans into performance.

At Petrobridge, our endeavour is to add value to the people and CSR is perceived as an opportunity to be responsive to the society’s need.

Registered Office:

  • 4/5, Global Complex, Umar Colony, Azadpur road, Gulbarga(Kalaburagi)-585104.KA. India.
  • +91 8472 658658

Corporate Office and Training Centre:

  • Office No 5, 1st Floor, Crystal Plaza, Near S.V.P Circle, Court Road, Gulbarga(Kalaburagi)-585102 KA. India.
  • +91 9880882783